Co-Op Dungeoneer

Co-Op Dungeoneer (working title) is a premium mobile game currently in development by a team of 3: a senior programmer; a junior programmer and Jay Holden. Jay’s role is as follows:

  • Design and communicate the game’s vision to the rest of the team
  • Work with programmers to lobby for and prioritize new feature requests
  • Map/tile each screen
  • Design dungeons as a whole, including optional and critical paths
  • Using game engine (RPG Maker MV): script enemy behavior and any events, cutscenes, etc as needed
  • Recruit game testers and observe in-person playtest sessions
  • Improve game based on observations and feedback from team members and testers

Game Design Document

The game design document is informal and fairly brief (22 pages). The first 3 pages serve as a snapshot of the game’s design goals as well as unique or uncommon supporting mechanics. Click here to view the game design document (Google Doc).

Playable Demo


Mouse: Left-click to confirm. Right-click to cancel / go back.

Keyboard: Use arrows to move around. Enter to confirm. Esc to cancel / go back.

Gamepad: Use arrows to move around. X (playstation) or A (xbox) to confirm. O (playstation) or B (xbox) to cancel / go back.

Note: please use keyboard for typing prompts.

Windows downloaders: Please download and extract the folder, then double-click Game.exe to start the game.