Co-Op Dungeoneer

Co-Op Dungeoneer (working title) is a cooperative turn-based RPG developed by Jay Holden.

Game Pitch

Play a classic console turn-based RPG – with friends! A casual mobile game where each player controls his/her own character in a party of 4. Every character contributes to the success or failure of the group while they make tough choices like which enemy to dispatch, who to help, and who to backstab.

Players are presented with choices

Players being presented with a choice out of combat

Players presented with result of choice

Players are presented with their choices

Consequences of the choice are broadcasted to all players

Players are presented with the choice consequences

Battle scene

Controlling a single character in battle

Game Design Document

The game design document is informal and fairly brief (22 pages). The first 3 pages serve as a snapshot of the game’s design goals as well as unique or uncommon supporting mechanics. Click here to view the game design document (Google Doc).

Playable Demo

To download for Windows, click here then unzip the file and run Game.exe.


Mouse: Left-click to confirm. Right-click to cancel / go back.

Keyboard: Use arrows to navigate menus. Enter to confirm. Esc to cancel / go back.

Gamepad: Use d-pad to navigate menus. X (playstation) or A (xbox) to confirm. O (playstation) or B (xbox) to cancel / go back.

Note: please use keyboard for typing prompts.