Co-Op Dungeoneer

Co-Op Dungeoneer (working title) is a cooperative turn-based RPG currently in development by Jay Holden.

Game Design Document

The game design document is informal and fairly brief (22 pages). The first 3 pages serve as a snapshot of the game’s design goals as well as unique or uncommon supporting mechanics. Click here to view the game design document (Google Doc).

Playable Demo

(this game has music and sound effects; please adjust your volume before playing)


Mouse: Left-click to confirm. Right-click to cancel / go back.

Keyboard: Use arrows to move around. Enter to confirm. Esc to cancel / go back.

Gamepad: Use arrows to move around. X (playstation) or A (xbox) to confirm. O (playstation) or B (xbox) to cancel / go back.

Note: please use keyboard for typing prompts. Matchmaking is currently a manual process; contact @_jayholden to play online.