Dungeons and Dragons World and Rules Design

Tir, a world and set of supporting rules and documents, is a home-brewed tabletop setting for the Dungeons and Dragons ruleset created by Jay Holden.

A Player’s Guide to Tir

This 37-page document, A Player’s Guide to Tir, is a work in progress supplement for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. It contains details on the steampunk setting of Tir, along with 4 new variant Humans, 15 new playtested pieces of equipment and wondrous items, the Mage class, the Leywalker subclass for the Ranger and the Gunslinger subclass for the Monk. Finally, an addendum intended for DMs is included with additional details on the setting and theme, 5 new monsters with “powered up” variants, rules for altering monsters when they succumb to the land’s mysterious and powerful Ley Fog, and additional guidance for DMs when it comes to rewards and progression.

Download A Player’s Guide to Tir here.

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