Freelance Level Design: Curse Crackers

This level design work was completed for White Clover Worlds (now Colorgrave) to be used in the metroidvania title Curse Crackers: For Whom the Belle Toils. Jay’s role was as follows:

  • Design the introductory gameplay sequence, beginning when the player first takes control of the character and ending when the player-character receives his/her first weapon.
  • Place platforms, enemies, powerups and other objects to ensure player becomes acquainted with movement, physics and enemy behavior
  • Include visible but unreachable areas that foreshadow future powerups and provide incentive for the player to retraverse introductory areas.
  • Using developer-supplied assets, tile areas with Tiled map editor (to include adding collision, death/damage, and other relevant data)
  • Consult lead game designer on useful features to add based on the game’s theme and intended feel


  • Teal line: This is the critical path through the game
  • Green platforms: The player can pass through these (jump up onto them from below, or jump down from them)
  • Red platforms: These are not pass-through-able
  • Green platforms with green dots: These platforms move clockwise, following the dotted line
  • Red-ish boxes: These boxes can be broken if hit with a weapon
  • Note 1: This switch activates the nearby rotating platforms
  • Note 2: This chest is locked; the key can be purchased from the shopkeep after the player acquires a weapon